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Sue Martovich

Sue Martovich, the woman who has transformed lives of many people by guiding them through the magical powers of the Universe. Martovich and her husband also own a manufacturing company focusing on aerospace products and high-end architectural hardware.

Sue Martovich started a salt-therapy spa, “Salt Of The Earth” in Woodbury, Connecticut when she realized that the endless demands of life takes a toll on our bodies and we need a downtime to regain our vitality.

Her passion in nature’s healing miracles encouraged her to discover the endless benefits of cacao. After months of research, Sue decided to direct her entrepreneurship skills in building a unique business stream- Liquid Chocolate & Company™.

Liquid Chocolate & Company™ branches out a one-of-its kind cacao cafe serving signature cacao drinks & chocolates, offers a very attractive licensing program, organizes cacao ceremonies and an online store.

Sue Martovich